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Are you ready to start a conversation for change?

Be Proud to inspire change

Are you ready to lead the conversation?

Be ambitious and daring

Are you ready to step into the arena and tell your story?

Make it happen

It’s time to create the change your heart desires.

Changing the world, one story at a time.

Our name says it all – the story is yours.
Stronger Than My Excuses is a revolutionary platform empowering you to find the inspiration to tell your story, your way. 

Our platform is an easy-to-use, tried and tested professional framework for making powerful Web TV panel discussions for people who want to contribute to making an important difference in the world or offer innovative actions and ideas for business. When you’re ready to step into the arena, reach your prospects, followers and the people who need you – join us, we have a plan for you! 

How does the production kit work to support change?

By opening up conversations on important social issues and identifying positive actions for businesses to succeed. By producing your own Stronger Than My Excuses Series, whether for social or business purposes, you’ll increase your standing in your community as a leader who takes action, over making excuses.

Our Licensed Media Production Kit makes your vision into a reality. Check it out!

Inspiring Change

Stronger than my excuses series are inspiring people all over the world.
Check out a selection of episodes below and see how people are speaking up and leading life-changing conversations in their businesses and communities. For the latest series, be sure to follow us on Youtube. 

Are you passionate about making a difference in the world?

Stronger Than My Excuses empowers you to activate the positive social change you are passionate about achieving, whether through community groups or business initiatives.

Learn more about the changemakers taking action on the Stronger Than My Excuses platform.

It’s your turn, what are you waiting for?

Everyone has a story to tell. Everyone has a passion. What’s your story, passion or business and what are the issues you are facing? Tell your story and come up with real actions and solutions through this unique panel discussion forum. You’ll not only be seen as an expert in your field and build your organisation and personal profile, but you’ll know you are making a difference and INSPIRING CHANGE.

See our complete list of features & beenfits for more details about the contents of the Production Kit and additional services available.